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The Likeability Test

Do people find you an agreeable and likable person? This quiz may give you some indication.

1. While engaged in conversations with others, what topics do you talk about?
a. Mostly matters that interest you.
b. Mostly matters that interest the other party.
c. Mostly matters that interest both sides.

2. While talking with others, you speak
a. in a low, halting voice.
b. clearly and spiritedly.
c. loudly and voluminously.

3. When someone greets you in the street, you
a. salute back warmly.
b. acknowledge the person, but with little genuine feelings.
c. try to ignore the person so that he won't bother you again.

4. Do you borrow money from people around you?.
a. No.
b. Rarely.
c. Now and then.

5. Do you secretly look down upon your friends, feeling that you are superior to all of them?
a. No.
b. Yes.
c. Only one or two of them.

6. Do children feel comfortable around you?
a. Absolutely.
b. I get along with them fine.
c. They are obviously afraid of me.

7.  Do you prefer writing letters rather than making phone calls?
a. Whenever possible.
b. Only when an occasion calls for formal communication.
c. I'd rather talk any time.

8.  Do people open up to you and confide in you - telling you about their problems, discussing their private lives, and so on?
a. Sometimes.
b. Quite often.
c. Very rarely.

9.  Are you graceful in defeat? That is, you remain in good spirit after losing a competition, insofar as you feel you have done your best and the outcome is fair and square?  
a. Yes.
b. No. You know you'll be depressed by your poor show.
c. You hate this world.

10.  When you are together with your friends, do you get into some body contacts, such as putting your hand on his arm while speaking to him or giving him a pat on the back?
a. Yes, naturally.
b. Only when I decide to.
c. No, I cannot stand it.

11.  When talking, do you gesture with your hands?
a. Now and then.
b. Never.
c. Throughout the conversation.

12.  Do you engage in idle talk with older people?
a. I do, and I find it an enjoyable thing to do.
b. Yes; I want to be nice to them.
c. No.

13.  Do you have a few good friends of the opposite sex? Friends but not lovers?
a. Yes, quite a few.
b. A couple of them.
c. No, not really.

14.  You've read a book and think it's fantastic.
a. You repeatedly tell your friends that they should read it.
b. You talk about it with them a couple of times and desist when they don't show much of an interest.
c. You never mention it to them.

15.  When you and your friends disagree on a subject, 
a. you'd argue till they acknowledge that you are right.
b. you'd fall silent, thinking it is useless to argue with people who don't know anything.
you'd discuss the subject with your friends as long as they find it a fun thing to do, and you'd agree not to agree when the interest is gone.



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