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Known as the Virgin Queen, Elizabeth was the daughter of the infamous Henry VIII and his second of six wives, Anne Boleyn, a court lady whom Henry married after his divorce from Catherine of Aragon. A small footnote in the mighty royal history is that Henry declared the independence of the English church from the Roman Catholic Church, in defiance of the Pope's refusal to annul his marriage with Catherine.

Henry thought Anne would bear him a son; Elizabeth was the disappointment. When Elizabeth was just a few years old, Henry had her mother beheaded on the charge of adultery. Henry then went on a rampage of marriages. He did beget a son, Edward, who died at the age of sixteen. After all the troubles that Henry went through, the daughter of Catherine, the Catholic Mary, ascended to the throne, who soon made famous the term Bloody Mary. It was after Mary's death in 1558 that Elizabeth became the Queen of England. She reigned, as the Virgin Queen, till her death in 1603.

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